Second Suspect In Geneseo Murder Plot Located

GENESEO, Illinois - Geneseo Police say they know of the whereabouts of a second suspect in an attempted murder scheme.

This after Shannon Jones of Center Point, Alabama was arrested Monday. KWQC TV6 reports that she and another person planned to murder two victims in Geneseo.

Police know the identity of the second person involved and that person was receiving "non-medical treatment at this time". That person will be taken into custody when that situation is resolved.

This started when officers were called to a domestic incident. On Friday, Jones and the other suspect apparently placed a substance into a drink that was consumed by one of the victims. That person became ill.

On Sunday, Police say that Jones and the other suspect tried to beat the second victim inside a home in Geneseo. That person was able to escape and was not seriously hurt. Police say Jones and the other suspect had planned for weeks to kill the two victims.

Police also say this was an isolated incident and no others are in danger.

Photo courtesy of KWQC TV6.

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