Drugs, Weapons, Firearms And Stolen Items Found in Galesburg Garage

GALESBURG, Illinois - Galesburg Police arrested two men after an investigation turns up crystal meth, heroin, firearms, ammunition, weapons and stolen items.

Galesburg Police got a warrant to search a garage in the 400 block of North Cedar Street on Sunday.

KWQC TV6 reports that the Galesburg Special Response Team found the drugs, guns, weapons and stolen items and took two people into custody.

Gilbert Bicknell is charged with criminal fortification of a residence or building, felon in possession, a number of firearm and weapons charges, drug charges, intent to delivery and possession of stolen property. There was also a warrant for his arrest out of Knox County.

Jay Murdock of Galesburg was also arrested. He was charged with felony obstructing justice. He also had warrants issued for his arrest in Mercer and Knox Counties.

Photo courtesy of KWQC TV6.

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