Rock Songs To Wash Your Hands To

With the global coronavirus pandemic canceling concerts worldwide, it’s time to relearn how to wash your hands. If you’re tired of singing “Happy Birthday” to yourself for 20 seconds, we have some better suggestions.

Here are the best rock songs with 20-second choruses to sing while you scrub your hands:

  • Deep Purple- “Smoke On The Water”
  • Judas Priest- “Fever”
  • Disturbed- “Down With The Sickness”
  • Motley Crue- “Looks That Kill”
  • Queen- “Don’t Stop Me Now”
  • Billy Idol- “Rebel Yell”
  • The Rolling Stones- “Satisfaction”
  • U2- “Where The Streets Have No Name”
  • Slayer- “Epidemic”
  • Soundgarden- “Holy Water”
  • Five Finger Death Punch- “Wash It All Away”
  • Slipknot- “My Plague”
  • Alice In Chains- “Sickman”
  • The Beatles- “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”
  • Rage Against The Machine- “Killing In The Name”

For specific instructions on how to wash your hands along to these songs, make use of the now-viral website Wash Your LyricsHERE.All you have to do is enter the artist name and song title, andboom, a customized instructional hand-washing technique graphic.

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