Davenport Screen Printer Supporting Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

A Davenport screen printing business is doing its best to support other businesses impacted by the temporary restrictions.

Classical Graphics, which only has a staff of five people, has opened online merchandise stores for businesses.

Classical Graphics owner Derek Dlouhy tells KWQC, "There's a lot of small businesses out there and they're kind of what really drives the Quad Cities. They're a pretty big engine around here. Currently, they aren't able to go in and carry on business as normal, so that's where we were like we should come up with something we can do for them and kind of keep our things going and keep them hopefully going."

They currently have 12 stores open and four more on the way, but are prepared to take additional requests from other businesses. They design, print and sell the shirts through the online stores, which has become a source of income for the businesses to support their employees. "They are what make these businesses the places we like to go and so I'm pretty sure almost all of them are looking to try and raise funds to keep those employees on board," Dlouhy said.

Dlouhy says although it's not business as usual for many stores across the country, Classical Graphics will do what they can to help local business through this time. "I think a lot of people would be kind of bummed and sad if some of these familiar businesses had to close doors."

This isn't the first time Classical Graphics has stepped up to support the QCA community. During the 2019 Spring flooding, they sold shirts to support Downtown Davenport businesses impacted by the HESCO barrier breach.

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