Davenport woman wins $10,000 on Iowa Lottery's "Money Ball" scratch game

A Davenport woman has won $10,000 on the Iowa Lottery's "Money Ball" scratch game.

Iowa Lottery officials say 52 year old Kathryn Smith won the big prize after her husband bought the winning ticket at the Casey's on West 53rd Street. Smith, who works as a clerk at a different Quad Cities store said she didn't believe her eyes when she realized she had won the second top prize.

Smith showed the ticket to her son, who verified it was a big winner, and then she called her husband with the news. “I called him and said, ‘You might want to pull over for this because I’ve got some news for you,’” Smith said. “‘We just won $10,000!’”

Smith, who claimed her prize on Tuesday at the lottery's Cedar Rapids regional office, said she and her husband have several plans for their winnings. “He’s going to build up his plow truck and get some stuff going on it,” she said. “We’re using it on the grandkids, and a couple little things that we wouldn’t normally get.”

Money Ball is a $2 scratch game that features overall odds of 1 in 3.22 and seven top prizes of $10,000.

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