Scott County Medical Director Says QC's Reopened Too Soon

The Scott County medical director says the Quad Cities reopened from their coronavirus closures sooner than they should have.

Doctor Louis Katz tells KWQC-TV 6 that's the reason for the recent surge in cases. Katz also says young adults could do a better job at social distancing, and he's concerned about what the surge in cases will do to hospital capacity.

“In the metro area, and specifically on the Iowa side of the river, the number of hospitalizations is dramatically higher than it was in June, but not yet at levels that we think are going to compromise the ability to provide care, but we’re watching that very closely,” he says.

Dr. Katz also says that the top priority is making in-person schooling a safe option by late August, but says current trends aren’t promising.

Covid 19 Reopening

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