Bond reduction request denied for suspect in fatal Chuck E. Cheese shooting

The woman accused of shooting an killing a 29 year old mother at a Davenport Chuck E. Cheese is being denied a bond reduction request.

On Tuesday, a judge denied 24 year old Treshonda Pollion's request to reduce her $1 million cash-only bond. Pollion is facing a charge of First Degree Murder for the shooting death of Eloise Chairs on October 25th.

Pollion's attorney, Derek Jones, asked the judge to change her bond from $1 million cash-only to $1 million cash or surety and said she has strong ties to the community and is a lifelong resident of the Quad-Cities. Pollion said during the hearing, “I don’t have a criminal background of any sort.”

“I do have a baby boy as well that I don’t really have much support for or much help for, but I would like to have a realistic bond so I can at least just get out and just prepare for him to be somewhere safe while I go through this,” she said.

Assistant Scott County Attorney Robert Bradfield opposed the request and said first-degree murder is a serious charge that carries a mandatory sentence of life without parole, “which is a good reason to not appear for this trial.”

“This involves shooting someone with a gun that she had in her purse at the Chuck E. Cheese here in town, which was full of families and children at the time of this incident,” he said.

Judge Patrick McElyea noted Pollion’s lack of criminal history and ties to the community and said they are “a number of resources, or reasons, that probably point to lowering the bond.”

“However, the nature and circumstances of the offense charged are just all too serious for the court to modify bond, particularly the fact that this happened in a crowded place, sort of during normal hours if you will,” the judge said. “That’s particularly concerning to the court. So, for those reasons, I do not find that it’s appropriate to reduce the bond or to make it cash or surety.”

Pollion will be arraigned Dec. 3.

(Photo by KWQC / Scott County Sheriff's Office)

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