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Is the impeachment investigation the right move by Republicans?

Speaker Kevin McCarthy Delivers A Statement At The U.S. Capitol

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Before you decide how to respond to the Poll, here's something you should know. 12 days ago Speaker Kevin McCarthy spoke to Breitbart. He said that if an Impeachment inquiry was to take place "it would occur through a vote on the floor of the People’s House and not through a declaration of one person." He also attacked former Speaker Pelosi for starting an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump by declaration and not vote.

It would be reasonable to ask what changed?

The answer is simple. McCarthy does not have the votes. The more moderate wing of his party doesn't think the evidence is actually there and feels We The People would prefer they were dealing with our day to day issues.

Then there is the threat of removal. Remember when he was elected Speaker? Part of the deal was that any single member could call for his removal on any day and repeatedly. There is a part of his caucus that is unhappy with the level of spending cuts. If however, McCarthy tries more, the Senate won't vote for it and the Government would shut down. So even though they would come to a deal at 11.59pm on the final day as they have so many times before, this is what it is fundamentally about.

Howard Kurtz has written well about it and you can read that piece HERE.

Now to the Poll. Is the impeachment investigation the right move by Republicans?

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