Scott County Iowa Judge Finds Henry Dinkins Guilty Of Murder, Kidnapping

Photo: WQAD

(Davenport, Iowa) -- Scott County judge has found Henry Dinkins guilty of the murder and kidnapping of 10-year-old Breasia Terrell in 2020. Dinkins was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping in May of 2021. Dinkins' sentencing is scheduled for October, 11, 2023.

Judge Henry Latham remarked during a hearing today (Friday) that "All of this the evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant had Breasia Terrell in his control, was at the site of her remains, and was the only person who shot Breasia that early morning in July of 2020." The judge went on to say that

"It should be noted, all of these investigative efforts would not have been fruitful had it not been for the information provided by DL. DL was instrumental in solving the murder and kidnapping of of his sister Breasia," said Judge Latham.

DL was Breasia's younger half-brother and spent the night with Breasia July 9, 2020 at Dinkins' Davenport apartment.

Breasia was reported missing on July 10. Two fishermen found her remains several months later in Clinton County, Iowa.

Proceedings in Scott County began two days later on Aug. 10, 2023. Witnesses testified and evidence was presented over 14 days. Closing arguments wrapped up on Tuesday, Aug. 29.

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