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Levi's CEO Recommends Showering With Your Jeans On

Levi's Jeans Label

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Keeping your clothes clean is essential, but are you caring for your jeans correctly? While you may have established your washing routine, there's a good chance you're neglecting to handle your jeans adequately.

Levi Strauss CEO Charles Bergh once famously stated that jeans don't need to be washed. However, he later clarified that he never puts his "true denim jeans" in a washing machine. If you don't want to wash your jeans, you can always try Bergh's other hack: showering with them on. He recommends washing them in the shower if they get especially dirty.

Levi's Vintage Clothing's Paul O'Neill recommends wearing new jeans for a few days before soaking them in a warm bath for 20 minutes. Then, allow them to air dry.

Levi's recommends washing jeans once every ten wears, but it's okay to go even longer without a wash. If you choose to spot-clean, use a damp cloth or an old toothbrush with mild soap.

Check the tags on your jeans for washing instructions. Levi's suggests turning your denim inside out (to prevent color fading), washing it with like colors on a gentle or delicate cycle, and using a mild detergent.

Ultimately, experts agree you can skip washing your jeans for extended periods, as it won't cause any harm.

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