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(07/13) HOTL Hour 1

(07/13) HOTL Hour 2

Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice. 

(07/13) HOTL Hour 3

Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice. 

BHS - 8A - New show with Steve Gregory | Foodie Friday with Neil Saavedra

New show with our very own Steve Gregory. Come and listen to hear what it’s about and maybe you can be on it with him. YES! Foodie Friday with Neil Saavedra. He talks about McDonalds (and every other fast-food restaurant) new launch and new dipping sauce. Show closes with this week’s ‘World in Review.’  

BHS - 7A - That wasn't that bad...Biden | Goodbye Mirage

Recap and takeaways from Biden’s speech. Germany and Paris Olympics are the same? Listen to see how! Michelle talks about ‘The Mirage hotel in Las Vegas will be gone after 35 years’ with Handel.

Handel on the News

Amy King and Neil Saavedra join Bill for Handel on the News.

BHS - 8A - Joel Larsgaard @HowToMoney | Mo Kelly @LaterWithMoKelly

Let’s talk about money with our very own Joel Larsgaard @HowToMoney (Sunday 12pm-2pm). Lets talk about Wordle together on Bill Handle Show. We have another KFI Host on this hour and his name is Mo Kelly for @LaterWithMoKelly (Monday-Friday 7pm-10pm).

BHS - 7A | California is doing what now?

Guess what else in California is getting too much to afford? Baby Boomers are on the news again. 

Handel on the News

Neil Saavedra & Amy King join Bill for Handel on the News. 

BHS – 8A – Inmate Firefighter Crews | ‘Medical News’ with Dr. Jim Keany

KFI investigative reporter Steve Gregory joins the Bill Handel Show to talk about California’s inmate firefighter crews dwindling. The inmate firefighter conversation continues with former firefighter Chuck Lovers who managed inmate firefighter crew for more than 20 years.  Dr. Jim Keany, Co-Director of the Emergency Room at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, joins The Bill Handel Show for 'Medical News'! Dr. Keany talks with Bill about doctors seeing a spike in ‘heat related’ illnesses, the new Covid FLiRT variant, popular weight loss & diabetes meds, and The Plague in a human in Colorado.