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Another school shooting-Hour 1

Made up words are rasict now?-Hour 2

Joe breaks the story down about a Mississippi news anchor who got pulled off the air after quoting Snoop Dog...and Mayra Flores joins Joe at the bottom of the hour interview you don't want to miss.

Do Men have an advantage over Women in sports?-Hour 3

Joe has a new parody..."Cackle in the Rain"... wonder who he's talking about? And Dr. Simone Gold joins Joe at the bottom of this hour.

Mayra Flores interview

Mayra Flores joins to talk about the Nashville Covenant School shooting, her introducing President Trump in Waco, the border and more.

President Biden visits Canada-Hour 1

It's Free Speech Friday on the Joe Pags Show! President Biden goes to Canada today and Joe says he said some very odd things... you'll hear them in this hour!

Washington state is lowering the standards for police officer applicants-Hour 2

How would you react if you couldn’t speak English with a police officer? Citizens in WA are soon to find out with a new law Plus..LTC Jeffrey Addicott joins Joe at the bottom of hour 2 talking about what happened in Syria this week, Russia and China teaming up and much, much more.

What's most important to the Air Force right now?-Hour 3

Dems are coming for your gas stoves and NOW your AC units, too. PLUS – Interview with Randan Steinhauser on students learning differently!

Interview with LTC Jeffrey Addicott

Joe speaks with the Lieutenant Colonel about the situation in Ukraine, what is going on in the Middle East , and much more.

New rules for transgender athletes-Hour 1

Was Trump arrested today? Was he indicted today? Joe talks about that plus he breaks down World Athletics announcing new rules that affect transgender women athletes.

What will happen with Tik Tok?-Hour 2

The Tik Tok CEO was grilled today on Capitol Hill... Joe breaks down that story...and why parents need to know what their kids are doing on the social media app